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  • It is with deep regret due to unanticipated circumstances which have developed over the past week that we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the Spirit of Balance event.  All participants who reserved a seat shall be fully refunded and notified of a rescheduling.

    Due to missed expectations and any inconvenience this may have caused, if you would like to reach out to any of the speakers or panel members for a consultation please refer to their site where you can set up a private discussion.

    We thank you for understanding and wish you all a Blessed Holiday Season!

Date: Event to be rescheduled in 2023

Time: 9:00am to 1:30pm with Networking before and after

Location: Scinto Auditorium, 3 Corporate Drive, Shelton, CT 06484 (203-925-6300)…Or can be viewed via our live streaming.
(See Registration for details)

Master of Ceremonies: John “Cadillac” Saville

Speakers: Carl Messina / Carl Ficks / Dr. Bridget Cooper

Panel Discussion: John Birch / Joe Perrone / Don Camerato

Art of Networking:  Michael Whitehouse

Networking Social:  Open Forum for introductions and Relationships

Spirit of Balance

A workshop based on experiential learning designed to enhance the triangle of life; Mind, Body and Spirit in personal and business growth.   Change is the biggest challenge of human existence, yet if designed positively and taken in steps of moderation, reward and result will increase self-confidence…thus enhancing one’s quality of life.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Are you frustrated, finding yourself with less patience?
  • Anxiety ridden over things you cannot control?
  • Looking to find a balance of calm in your Life?
  • Short tempered with friends and family, people and situations in general?
  • Worried about your future, your family and your Happiness?
  • Slinging a hundred pound fire extinguisher on your back putting out business fires?

A portion of the proceeds will go to Saint Jude’s Children’s Fund and Make-A-Wish Foundation…

Goal To Achieve:

  • Create Positive change in your Mindset for a better life.  Learn to detach and become the observer and gain more clarity with an objective viewpoint.
  • Learn a shortened daily Fitness routine designed to enhance your physical well-being.
  • Reduce stress by emptying our cup of emotional conflict in pursuit of seeking the truth through Spiritual knowledge, insight and reflection?
  • Gain insight from our panel discussion on how to apply these strategies in your business to create a harmonious business culture with your employees for 2023.

Master of Ceremonies: “Cadillac” John Saville… / CEO at John Saville Entertainment, Radio Personality at IHeart Media Inc., Wedding DJ, Voice Talent, Wellness Coach and Philanthropist. Johncaddyman.com


Carl Messina

Carl Messina teaches Mnemonics, the science of memory to create consistent upward growth for academia and business applications using a systemized approach to learning.

Carl also coaches’ business owners on how to create time freedom, reduce errors and scale profits while eliminating key person dependency using SYSTEMology, the science of business systems. This results in an increased business valuation for the owner. It was a natural fit having taught systems for the mind and now a systemization process for small businesses. His passion and dedication is in teaching systems that create positive change within the mind for personal or business applications as they are entwined.

Carl R. Ficks, Jr.,

Carl R. Ficks, Jr., JD helps busy professionals and their teams get fit again so they can be less stressed and more productive. His “Friday Ficks” newspaper column and speaking/podcast appearances provide strategies, tools and inspiration to stay resourceful and resilient. The founder of No Surrender, LLC, Carl teaches that fitness and wellbeing are the cornerstones of success. Carl is a marathoner, endurance cyclist and former 30+ year trial lawyer who brings hard-won wisdom and real world experience to his work

Dr. Bridget Cooper

Dr. Bridget Cooper is an experienced and dynamic speaker, facilitator, executive coach, and leadership consultant. Her drive is to help people to be passionate about their work and to reduce unproductive conflict so that they will propel their organizations toward success, create healthy work climates, strong and positive working relationships, and happier clients and customers.

The bestselling author of 6 books, Dr. B brings her down-to-earth insights and action plans to clients and audiences, facilitating powerful change and transformations in work and life satisfaction.

Creating Positive Change!

Have you ever wondered why most people’s dreams end up as the “I wish” syndrome,  it’s because often we are unsure of how to move forward and make those dreams a reality.

  • Our Mind creates the existence of feelings, perception, reason and reality. 11 Virtues are conceptual attributes of living a Positive Life by creating awareness of humanistic virtues in calming the Spirit of emotional strife.
  • The Body our temple of the Mind creates self-Image projections which affect our perception and decision making process based on emotional bonds of the mind.
  • Our Spirit is the everlasting nonphysical seat of emotion and character that creates our existence. Who we become spiritually as contributors of society are based on the reality of our beliefs conjured of our Mind and body which creates our Character.

Learning Strategies

MIND: Carl Messina…
“Shifting your Mindset”

  • Learn 15 files to recall your things to do list every day.
  • Review on a daily basis the 11 Virtues of calm and control for a more harmonious life.
  • Follow your 21–day challenge to achieve less stress and better communication.

BODY: Carl Ficks… “Resourceful and unwavering, the best version of you”

  • How to Thrive Through The Holidays (avoid the stress & overwhelm)
  • 10 Easy Steps to Getting Back In The Fitness Game in 2023 (and making it stick)

SPIRIT: Bridget Cooper… "Reigniting the Passion in Your Life & Work"

  • 3 Keys to unlock and rediscover the meaning behind the passion for the life you’re living and the work you’re doing. 
  • 5 Strategic tactics to ground yourself and discover what makes you tick and how to feel stronger and happier than ever before.

SYSTEMOLOGY: Carl Messina…
“The Science of Business Systems”

  • 4 Stages of business growth
  • Keys to creating a business culture resulting in true time freedom, less stress, increased valuation and complete business reliability.
  • Designing your business playbook.
  • How to Remove Key person dependency including you as the owner.

Business Panel Discussion: “Adjust for the changing dynamics of the workforce”...

John Birch, Thebirchgroup.com Strategic and Project planning Specialist…

Joe Perrone, Joeperrone.biz Business Coach helping entrepreneurs reclaim their time freedom…

Don Camerota, Business consulting specialist renown for innovative thinking…

Art of Networking: “Networking ideas allowing you to engage and connect”…

Michael Whitehouse:  www.guywhoknowsaguy.com  Relationship Specialist shares a way to be of benefit to others by focusing on what you could give, rather than what you could get…

Money Back Guarantee:  If upon completion of your workshop while at the Auditorium you are not completely satisfied, see Carl Messina to fill out a refund request form and you shall receive a 100% full refund on your investment.  We strive to go above and beyond!

The gift of the Universe is life, our gift back, is how we live and what we do with our life…

  • A path toward self-perfection to enhance the triangle of life; Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Influence Positivity into your life through awareness and understanding.  
  • Accept change using steps of moderation, resulting in self-confidence…thus enhancing one’s quality of life.  
  • Your thoughts become your actions; your actions become your Character.

Requirement: An Open-Mind…

The Spirit of Balance workshop will include for purchase upon registration a box lunch provided by Pranzo’s with networking before and after the event.