Business Professionals Presentation Skills

Now, you can learn that there is no such thing as a bad memory, only an untrained memory! 

This 3-hour workshop is ideal for business professionals who wish to gain a significant advantage over the competition. Emphasis is placed on specific application for designing and delivering effective presentations while increasing  listening skills ultimately resulting in better customer relations and most importantly, increased sales through effective listening and communication.

The workshop will expand your ability to recall effectively and communicate information by introducing the natural language of our memory and by opening up numerous modalities of learning.   Course objectives shall be to introduce a systemized approach to learning in order to shorten the learning curve and increase long-term retention and accuracy of information.  In school we are given “what to learn and what to remember”, this class is dedicated to teaching “how to learn and how to remember” as it relates to presentations and customer recall.

Using these strategies, you will learn: 

                           Day One

  • 5 Key Function indicators of effective communication
  • 8 Components used to format a presentational template  
  • Importance of Intro’s and outro’s using Modulation
  • 10 Biggest challenges of ineffective communication
  • Information Vs Interpretation through Body language

                Day  Two

  • Memory System for delivering Presentations


Success rides on a business owner’s ability to outshine their competition by delivering their message with confidence and clarity of understanding.  Business owners can often be judged by the effectiveness of their presentation with regards to product, staff and company.  Your ability to communicate to employees and staff will allow for better understanding and reduced communications while alleviating stress in the workplaceCommunication is the single most important factor that a business owner has control over.  Learn presentation strategies used by the most effective communicators on maximizing structure, delivery and content along with avoiding the most common pitfalls which is crucial to the efficiency and growth of all companies large and small.

This 3-hour workshop will be taught over two 1 ½ Hour training modules one week apart to maximize learning and application

Week One…will be dedicated to structural design, pros and cons of delivery with customized individual applications. 

Week Two…will be Mnemonic application for retention and presentation delivery.   

Class size shall be limited to 10 participants due to active experiential learning.  A workbook will be supplied with a 21 day follow system of suggested memory exercises for increased application in the daily everyday workaday world. 

DATE:      Wednesday, December 2nd and 9th, 2020 

TIME:       3:30pm to 5:00pm, EST


This workshop is normally offered for $395 dollars, based on special arrangements that were made with Tom Perrone for co-sponsorship, your workshop will be made available for $149 dollars with a 100% money-back guarantee.  Within 24 hours upon completion of session two, if you are not completely satisfied that this workshop did not meet your expectations, call me to share your reasons and I will gladly refund your investment.